A communication agency is responsible for internal communication for unite staff to the objectives of the company, and external communication to promote the image to the public, external partners, suppliers.

• Communication audit and advice

Our experts examine your communication , that of your competitors and trends in your industry. They make concrete recommendations and advise on creative solutions to implement. You will be able to make the right decisions at the right time, relying on the real.

• Marketing and consulting strategy

Centerpiece of a communicationSuccessful, the upstream strategy of any action is essential. The agency works with you a communication strategy adapted to your organization , your identity and your means.

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Paid Medias

Prospects / Clients / influencers


Audience creation by purchasing online or offline media such as « press, TV, 4×3 billboard, radio, cinema » or « online advertising, banner, Affiliation » but also by points of sale, sponsorship or direct marketing files rented etc ….

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Owned Medias

Customers / prospects / Public opinion

Establishment of a media audience controlled by the brand / company. « Audience possessed ». It will go through the establishment of support for the company by the company « advertiser » in relation to the agency. The offline and online supports in place will be for example the company’s website, the advertising edition of the brand / company « magazine, catalog, brochure »

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Earn Medias